The Beginning

By Alan 26TE011
I've been asked to write a brief history on the Thames Estuary DX group and after a lot of searching through the loft, I managed to find and an old article written by Sue, Golden Wonder TE75 back in 1994, who was the Group secretary at the time, I couldn’t explain it any better than Sue.
"Nearly 16 years ago, back when CB was CB, in the days of Auntie Mary, a group of five friends sat around "Time-Waster's" home 20, talking about DXing. Amongst themselves they decided that, anyone interested in DX, could meet up at his house for a general chit-chat twice a month.
At our first meeting 32 breakers turned up and the ‘Thames Estuary Skip Talkers’ were born. Within a few months all of us would meet on 27 USB each Saturday night at 11 whoever got there first was the chairperson for that night. The founding members included Bert 007, Peggy Little Foot, Time-Waster, Gear Jammer, Sue Golden Wonder, King Edward and Flying Dutchman.
After some while, Time-Waster gave up CB due to other commitments and the meetings stopped. Bert 007 assisted by Peggy Little Foot, took over the running of the group and CB continued to grow and by the time it was legalised, so many breakers wanted to meet and join our group, a hall had to be hired to accommodate them all.

Membership was set at £1 per year

The Tango Echo DX Group

was formed...the rest is history.

Sue Golden Wonder.
1990, the Middle
I can't remember exactly when I joined the group, very late 80s probably 1990 but by 1995 I was on the committee as press liaison officer, helping to promote the group with CB Radio magazine and other radio related Media.
The group ran many socials, eyeballs and charity fundraising events over the years, with Christmas charity Eyeball being the biggest event in the calendar. Various Club competitions for DX, were presented yearly and this continued right through until CB Radio started to be superseded by mobile phones. The Group eventually closed down in the mid 2000s, donating its funds to charity.
Roll On 2020
CB Radio started to go through a revival in 2020 during the worldwide Covid19 pandemic and some old group members were still using their old TE callsigns during the spells of skip, including myself... So between us, we decided to restart the Group informally, but the membership soon grew to over a 100 members within the first year and continues to grow again, prompting us to have the Group logo redesigned, stickers and new Group QSL cards printed for the membership to use. We currently don’t have a PO Box and at present, the cost is exorbitant, but we’re hoping to change that in the coming year.

Membership is currently free

and we look forward to you joining us.

Best wishes 73sAlan